On safari-- wildlife and nature photos

Bull elephant on the move Bull elephant  Selinda Reserve, Botswana

The majesty of elephants

Point to the small images for captions, then click to enlarge. You'll find many of these and other elephant images among the photographs on other pages

A herd drinks from the  Zambezi herd  Zambezi River, Zimbabwe

Kenyan herd  Crossing the Uaso Ngiro, northern Kenya

Charging to water, Chobe River, Botswana  Rush hour    Chobe River, Botswana

Security Young in Hwange & Zambezi NPs, Zimbabwe More, mother  Surrounded by giants

Breakfast interrupted, Breakfast interrupted  Samburu NR, northern Kenya

Old-timer's death,  Scavengers gather  Selinda, Botswana

Testy bulls, Chizarira, Zimbabwe & Samburu, Kenya Poised to charge Bull in musth

Angry female  Elephant charging Selinda, Botswana

Forest dwellers  Emerging from the mist in the Aberdares, Kenya

Elephants drinking,  Long-range syphon Drink dispenser Drinking together  Selinda, Botswana

Protected youngster  Shielding the young Samburu, Kenya

Selinda spillway sunset  Day's end, Selinda, Botswana Zibalianja lagoon

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