On safari: wildlife and nature photos

"Jumpin' for joy"Jumpin' for joy

The three boys    "The Three Boys", stretched canvas 100 cm x 50 cm by Elite Picture Framing, Keswick, South Australia. See the story of these cheetahs at Cheetah brothers

Image sales: five special pages displaying a selection of African and Australian nature images for sale. Click downpage for images sold for books, magazines and other media

"Raging surf", Victoria
© Yvonne Milbank
Port Fairy coast, VictoriaCharging elephant"Charge!", Botswana

Purple-crowned lorikeets Click this image to see a slideshow of Australian wildlife prints for sale. A wider selection of Australian photos starts on "Selections 3", and of African images on "Selections 1"

Island Lagoon, outback AustraliaZebra, Botswana © Yvonne MilbankKookaburras, Adelaide HillsBradman statue, Adelaide Oval © Yvonne Milbank
These photos have been printed on canvas up to a metre on the longest side by Espace deco & print, Woodville Park, South Australia, and stretched on frames by Emu Pictures, Mitcham, South Australia. They show "Island Lagoon" in the spectacular salt-lake country in South Australia's northern outback; a "Nuzzling of zebras" in Botswana © Yvonne Milbank; "Watchful kookaburras" in the Adelaide Hills; and "Sport, almost a religion", floodlit symbols in juxtaposition in Adelaide © Yvonne Milbank. Point to the images to see the captions, then click to enlarge

Elephants at sunsetLion with kill, Botswana
"Elephants at sunset, Selinda Spillway, Botswana" has been printed on stretched canvas (100x50cm) by 'Moments on Canvas', Neil Vaughan Jones, Mold, Flintshire, Wales, and also printed by Atkins Technicolour, Adelaide, South Australia, for a mahogany frame (90x60cm) and mat by Emu Pictures, Mitcham, South Australia. "Lion with kill, Selinda Spillway" produced on stretched canvas (100 by 63cm) by Atkins Technicolour, Adelaide

Leopard with kill, Masai Mara
Composite image
Stare of a lion, Botswana © Yvonne MilbankCheetah grooming, Botswana
Photo "painted"

Cheetah & cub, Botswana Young cheetah, Botswana Giraffe, Botswana © Yvonne Milbank

Also available on canvas: "Masai Mara leopard"; "Stare of a lion, Botswana" © Yvonne Milbank; "Cheetah cub grooming, Botswana" ; "Cheetah and cub, Botswana" "Young cheetah, Botswana" and "Journey of thirsty giraffe, Selinda Spillway" © Yvonne Milbank;

After the rain, outback South Australia Rainbow lorikeet Jetty ruins, Port Willunga

"After the rain", in arid outback South Australia; "Acrobat", a rainbow lorikeet; and "Jetty ruins & stormy sky" , Port Willunga, South Australia

All the photographs on this site are subject to copyright and may not be used without express permission. The site is not a source of free photographs, though I do give consideration to worthy causes

Prices of basic semi-gloss prints (unframed/unmounted) range from 7 AUD for 7" x 5" to 30 AUD for 18" x 12" plus shipping. Fees for prints on special media such as canvas are considerably higher (an example would be 250 AUD for a high quality stretched canvas print approx. 39" or 100 cm on the longest side). Fees for image files for publication (books, magazines, brochures, internet) vary widely, depending on such factors as reproduction size, print run, placement and purpose. Email me to enquire

African images for sale start on "Selections 1", Australian images on "Selections 3"

Sales-book & magazine
covers & inside pages

'Famous Australian Birds',
by Gisela Kaplan (Allen & Unwin)
Publisher, Epoche Edizioni, Milan, Italy Wildlife Australia magazine, WPSQMackay Aviculture Society journal

Parrots of the wildBlue-winged parrot "Parrots of the Wild- a natural history of the world's most captivating birds", Catherine Ann Toft & Timothy F. Wright, University of California Press. Published 2015Flock of galahs

Reading the story in DNACrimson rosella"Reading the Story in DNA", Lindell Bromham, Oxford University Press. Published 2008 Yellow rosella

Red lechwe ram"Wild Ways, field companion to the behaviour of southern African mammals", Peter Apps, Struik Nature. Published 2014Wild Ways

Birdscaping gardens"Birdscaping Australian gardens", George Adams. Published 2011 Birdscaping gardens

Orion magazine, MA, USA- March/April 2008

Published by tish'n enigma  St. Agnes, South Australia
Click to see the site

Environmental projects

Woocoo Park wetlands  rehabilitation, Qld
Click for full image

Video exhibit

  Images used in a video produced by Chedd-Angier-Lewis Production Co., MA, USA for the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History:Take a Walk with Homo Erectus

Greeting cards

  Produced by Hallmark UK  

Produced by Make An Impression, Karrinyup, Western Australia

"The world's favourite animals"

From a pack of playing cards produced in the U.K. The original images are on my Outback and Kangaroo Island pages

Artists' reproductions

Glass mosaic by
Susan Woenne-Green
Original photos in The Adelaide Hills
Acrylic on canvas
by Amelia Birve

Desktop wallpaper from   my basketball action
Visit graphic designer Tyson Beck's site

Pastel artist Tom Macbeth's  version of my photograph
   View the photo in Victoria

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