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Cheetah are just some of the predators, big and small, that share centre stage with the lions of Selinda

Leopard at brunch   Grassland hunter   Female cheetah   African wild dog


Amber Amber, taking a break Time for a snooze Young leopard

Some of the big cats have been given names because they're seen so often. Amber is the least elusive of Selinda's leopards


Jade & Sparky, 2002  Watchful Jade  Sparky  Jade, 2005  Cub, 2005  Jade's cubs, 2005    Cub grooming

Cub portrait Looking for prey Attentive students  Time for a game ©Yvonne Milbank    Playing and learning   What's this? ©Yvonne Milbank

One of the brothers   One of the brothers, feeding

Like Amber, Jade the cheetah was a solitary hunter, except when she had young with her. The photos above show her with her offspring of 2002, then three years later with the two adolescents of her next litter. She's seen hunting with them; most of the time, they were attentive students, but occasionally they forgot the seriousness of the occasion and broke off for a game. The father of Jade's cubs was believed to be one of three cheetah brothers who roamed Selinda's grasslands for some years. The brothers have their own page on this site: The Three Boys

Wild dog

A drink while hunting  Hunting: thirsty work  Wild dog  Feeding frenzy ©Geoff Gates

Adult attention   Adult attention ©Yvonne Milbank   Pyramid of pups  Pups keeping warm   Pup in den  Pups enjoying the sun  On the road ©Yvonne Milbank

The most social predator, even more so than the lion, is the African wild dog. The pack hunts efficiently, feeds voraciously, and returns to the den to regurgitate food for the pups and their mother, the alpha female, and any other dog which stays behind to help care for the young. As they grow, the pups demand more and more to go on the hunts, but are made to remain at the den...and develop their skills on such things as dried elephant dung (see below)

Is this worth tackling?  Hmm, what about the taste?  Maybe not!

Hyena & others

Spotted hyena  Sniffing the air  Hyena pups © Geoff Gates  Peaceful portrait  Formidable jaws  Young hunter

Unloved by many, the spotted hyena is an admirable predator, not just a scavenger. Selinda's hyenas are more likely to be seen singly or in pairs than in packs

Serval © Yvonne Milbank  Black-backed jackal   Side-striped jackal ©Yvonne Milbank  Bat-eared fox  Aardwolves ©Geoff Gates

Exquisite small-scale predators: the mainly nocturnal serval, a cat which takes rodents and other small prey; black-backed and side-striped jackals, hunters but also pretty good scavengers which don't mind the biggest of tasks; and the mainly insect-eating bat-eared fox and aardwolf

Nile crocodile & African jacana  Eastern stripe-bellied sand snake  Egyptian cobra  Rock monitor  Guttural toad

Not forgetting the reptilian and amphibian predators: the Nile crocodile, with an African jacana foraging unconcerned alongside it; an eastern stripe-bellied sand snake, whose presence would bother only small rodents and lizards; an Egyptian cobra, one for people to keep away from; a rock monitor, scavenger as well as predator of anything small it can overpower; and a guttural toad

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Where the photos were takenEquipment used at Selinda: Canon EOS1n and EOS5, with Canon 400/2.8 and 300/2.8 lenses and extenders, 100-400 IS zoom & 100/2.8 macro lenses, Sigma 17-35/2.8-4 lens, Canon 540 EZ and 580 EX flashes; Fuji Sensia 100, Velvia (50 & 100 ISO), Provia 100F and 400F, and Agfa RSX II 200. Yvonne used a Canon 1D Mark II with 100-400 IS lens The Maplink on the left will show you where Selinda is. Go to the links below for more photographs from Africa and from Australia


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