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Heavyweight herbivores

The elephants, buffalo, giraffe and hippos of Selinda

Charging elephant
Charge! Click to enlarge
Unlike the rest of her herd, this cow was very angry about our presence on the other side of the Selinda spillway

She charged towards us several times as her companions moved away from the spillway after drinking. She may have kept coming but for the water between us
And again! ©Yvonne Milbank
©Yvonne Milbank
Angry eye

Herds drinking at the spillway  Mother and young  Herd leaving  Big & small  Warning gesture  Protective adult ©Yvonne Milbank   Dusk dustbath

Africa's biggest elephant populations are found in northern Botswana. At Selinda, breeding herds are being attracted in large numbers to the new water in the spillway. It can get crowded, but herds peacefully wait their turn. The females can be dangerous to intruders because they're very protective of the young

Young bulls joust  At peace  Browsing ©Yvonne Milbank  Slightly annoyed   Bull on the move

Young bulls, still with the herd, spar with each other as they practise for adulthood. Big mature bulls roam alone or in bachelor herds... looking deceptively docile or formidably aggressive and not to be interfered with

Drink dispenser  Elephants sundowner  Day's end  Syphon 

While some herds can be seen grazing on the floodplain during the day, most appear towards dusk and at night, heading for permanent water

Buffalo at sunrise  Buffalo  Herd boss  Formidable defence

Big buffalo herds roam the reedbeds and grasslands of the Linyanti region, and they've moved into the Selinda area in the biggest numbers in 20 years. They're favoured prey of some lion prides, but formidable especially if the lions don't have numbers and experience...as the Selinda lionesses found  click here  when they tackled a lone bull in August, 2004

Follow the leader   Giraffe in unison  Gathering on the spillway  Stately pair   Long neck

Regular surveys of wildlife are carried out at Selinda. In 2004, it was estimated the area had nearly 180 giraffe, but that figure has probably grown with the continued flooding of the spillway

Daytime refuge  Hippo: threat yawn    Hippos at Zibalianja lagoon  Hippos out of water   Hippos & elephants

Selinda's hippos are noted lion prey. They're really only vulnerable when they're out of their element, water. They're rarely on dry land during the day but they'll leave the water every night to graze

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Where the photos were takenCameras, lenses and film used at Selinda: Canon EOS1n and EOS5, with Canon 400/2.8 & 300/2.8 lenses and extenders, 100-400 IS zoom lens, Canon 540 EZ & 580 EX flashes; Fuji Sensia 100, Velvia (50 & 100 ISO), Provia 100F, and Agfa RSX II 200. Yvonne used a Canon EOS 1D Mark II with 100-400 IS lens The Maplink on the left takes you to a detailed map of the Selinda safari area. You'll need to click on the map to enlarge it and scroll to view it fully. Go to the links below for more photographs from Africa and from Australia


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