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Lighthouse at Aireys Inlet

*The Crags, south-west Victoria
South-west coast (Click images to enlarge)
Mitta Mitta River, Lake Hume
Mitta Mitta River in the north
Melbourne by night
Melbourne skyline

From its coastal scenery to its high country, Victoria is a State of stunning beauty

Storm aftermath, Port Fairy
"Storm aftermath" ©Yvonne Milbank

*Alpine meadow, Mount Buffalo  River Murray paddlesteamer at Echuca *From the Great Ocean Road
On Mount Buffalo; on the Murray; south-west coast

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Victoria, the smallest mainland State and South Australia's eastern neighbour, is jammed with photographic attractions between the ocean in the south and its northern boundary, the River Murray. First, the coast:

The Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road    Twelve Apostles   One of the Twelve Apostles

Its south-western coast, much of which is followed by the Great Ocean Road, is studded with such spectacles as "the Twelve Apostles", limestone stacks which are slowly being destroyed by the forces which created them. The foreground stack in the first image above is gone from the second image, collapsed a few years later by wave and wind erosion. A similar fate met the "London bridge" formation in the first image below. The span fell into the shallows, isolating the seaward end of the formation

London Bridge, Great Ocean Road     Calm seas at the Crags, near Port Fairy    Stormy seas at the Crags     *Port Fairy coast
"London Bridge", "The Crags" in contrasting moods, and the coast at Port Fairy

Blue-winged parrot  Rufous bristlebird, Great Ocean Road
Blue-winged parrot & Rufous bristlebird

Grey fantail, Anglesea  Female rufous whistler, Anglesea   Striated fieldwren, Torquay  Superb blue wren, Torquay  White-fronted chat, Torquay  Singing honeyeater, Great Ocean Road
Grey fantail, Rufous whistler, Striated fieldwren, Superb blue wren, White-fronted chat, Singing honeyeater

Black-shouldered kite ©Yvonne Milbank   Great egret,Anglesea   Intermediate egret, Apollo Bay  White-faced heron, Anglesea  Masked lapwing, Anglesea
Black-shouldered kite ©YvonneMilbank, Great & Intermediate egrets, White-faced heron, Masked lapwings

The blue-winged parrot, above, was photographed in the Torquay saltmarsh, south of Melbourne, as were the Superb blue wren, the White-fronted chat and the Striated field wren. The elusive Rufous bristlebird and others were photographed at Barwon Heads, Anglesea and further west

Portsea ocean beach     Rye ocean beach   Surf fishing, Rye ocean beach   Silver gull at Rye ocean beach   Grey shrike-thrush, Cape Schanck
Portsea & Rye ocean beaches, Silver gull, Grey shrike-thrush

Rickett's Point Marine Sanctuary, Melbourne   Australian pelican, Rickett's Point
On Port Phillip Bay

Spectacular ocean beaches on the south-eastern fringes of Melbourne contrast with the relatively sheltered waters of the city's Port Phillip Bay coast

The high country

*In the clouds, Mount Buffalo   *On Mount Buffalo  *On Mount Buffalo  *Edge of the Baranduda Range
On Mount Buffalo, and a scene on the edge of the Baranduda Range

Hall's Gap, Grampians    Eastern grey kangaroo and young in pouch, Grampians   Mackenzie Falls, Grampians    Mossy log, Grampians   Laughing kookaburra, Grampians   Pied currawong, Grampians   From The Balconies, Grampians
In the Grampians, western Victoria

Mount Buffalo is one of the major peaks of the Australian Alps in north-eastern Victoria, part of the Great Dividing Range of eastern Australia. The Grampians are at the end of the range in western Victoria. In between, just north of Melbourne, is Kinglake National Park. Note the colour range of Crimson rosellas...one photographed in the forest at Kinglake, the others in the Baranduda area of the north-east

In Kinglake National Park  In Kinglake NP  Crimson rosella, Kinglake NP    Crimson rosella, Baranduda  Crimson rosella, Baranduda  Crimson rosella, Baranduda
In Kinglake NP, and Rosellas at Baranduda

Eastern yellow robin, Kinglake NP    Brown thornbill, Kinglake NP   Crescent honeyeater, Kinglake NP   female Superb lyrebird, Kinglake NP
In Kinglake NP

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